The assumption that owning a historic house is an expensive and time consuming venture is based on the belief that appropriate preservation treatments will be costly.  Basic preservation philosophy promotes being green and saving money.  The national preservation guidelines, the Secretary of the
Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties
, call for a simple approach to treating historic properties: repair rather than replace,
and when replacement is needed, replace "in kind" in terms of
materials and design. Preservation encourages owners of older homes to reuse
and retrofit existing building stock as well as reinvest in older
neighborhoods. This philosophy fits with a green approach – where the most
effective weatherization techniques are often "easy, do-it-yourself"
tasks– like sealing air leaks or clearing brush from around your home’s
foundation walls.  When considering any project, homeowners have to make a
number of decisions that balance the project goals, alternative treatments, and
the pocketbook.  

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